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**By joining The Restaurant Club, I understand that my membership is an ongoing subscription service and will automatically renew on the expiry date shown on my card for an annual fee of £20. I understand that I can cancel at any time in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, and that my membership will continue to renew towards the end of each subsequent term until it is cancelled in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. I agree to inform The Restaurant Club if any of my contact details change.

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The Restaurant Club Bitesize membership card entitles members to perks and discounts of up to 30 per cent at a wide range of independent restaurants and cafes, plus other services. The Bitesize card is not available to buy as a gift. Members must present the card at the time of paying to claim the offer. Membership cards are personalised and non-transferable. Members may be asked to show ID when presenting the card.