Chilli Tuk Tuk

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Chilli Tuk Tuk

  11 Halliwick Court Parade, Woodhouse Road, North Finchley, London N12 0NB

  020 3602 3450

Who doesn’t love an award-winning Indian takeaway?! In 2014 Deepak and his team travelled to India to meet talented chefs to create an amazing Indian food menu. Having traced the origins of some of the most popular Indian dishes to discover some incredible recipes, once home their chefs worked alongside customers to perfect and refine their offering.

In 2015 their dream was born, Chilli Tuk Tuk – food that delivers. An original menu with simple choices and delicious food.

A passion for delivering fantastic quality food with awesome customer service is key.  The menu is small but the flavours are outstanding. Each curry individually guarantees a unique mouth-watering taste every time!


  IndianVeggie & Vegan

 North London

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