Spier’s Salads

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Spier’s Salads

  Phonebox opposite 43 Bloomsbury Square (SE corner of the square), London, WC1A 2RA.

  07817 754963


Every Tuesday and Wednesday between 11:30am and 2pm, Ben sells colourful, inventive salads from the phone box in Bloomsbury Square, two minutes from Holborn tube station. Yes really! Choose from however many of five home made salads you fancy, pick ‘n’ mix style, and top with, for example, pomegranate molasses and chilli roasted chicken or baked salmon if you wish. Salads change with the seasons and are constantly reinvented.

The salads are hearty so will not leave you unsatiated like a lot of salads out there but they’re also healthy, full of protein, nutrients and minerals. Salad dodgers prepare to be converted!

PS we think this is a fascinating concept! It’s really worth clicking on to the website to learn more.




‘I was really really impressed, and I am someone who generally despises salads!’ Andy

‘Great salads – very inventive and tasty. Good portions too!’ Jonny


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