5 Apr , 2017 Italian,New on the Scene


Angie Jacobs ventures to a new pizza joint with her teenage son

‘Tis a rare treat to be granted a few hours with one’s teen, but the offer of pizza in a West End venue lured him in. (I bunged a few bob on his Oyster for good measure too).

Firebrand Pizza in Marylebone is my kinda place. Not too big, not at all brash and they play Coldplay – not too loud. We were served beautifully.

We got the party started with olives and garlic bread. My accompanying espresso martini was just right. This was followed by parmigiana for me and a caprese for the boy. He knows his way around a mozzarella salad as it’s a dish he’s been making for his frequent guests since I let him use a knife (actually, not that long) and he said it was delicious. The waiter/manager/mixologist then said he would make his own special cocktail. I was a bit worried when I sniffed it as it smelt like a cross between Glade air freshener and Pez sweets, but it tasted lovely and citrusy.

Ethan loved his pizza and I happily devoured my sea bass in lemon and caper sauce which bore no resemblance to the bland white fish spritzed with Fry Lite that I have the night before a weigh-in at Slimming World. Our waiter/best friend then brought over some Limoncino, apparently less alcoholic than Limoncello, to help wash it all down.

For dessert we shared a perfect Tortino al Cioccolato which came with stracciatella (ice cream not an opera singer). All this was scoffed while watching the pizzas being made in a wood burning stove and spending precious quality time with my really rather sensible, engaging and delightful son. Our journey home was slightly longer than planned as we missed our stop (twice). He had his head on my shoulder so I didn’t care.

Restaurant Club cardholders get two-for-one at Firebrand. Restrictions apply. Click here for details.