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Jane Simons checks out a new pizzeria 

Seven, a slice of sourdough heaven, has recently opened in Harrow. As you enter the sleek and elegantly designed pizzeria, you certainly feel you have taken a large step (leap, even) from the hustle and bustle of Station Road. Exposed brickwork, double-vaulted floor-to-ceiling glass windows and trendy artworks give the place NYC loft-style panache. This is just the beginning of a trip that will give your tastebuds a transatlantic extravaganza without making a huge dent in your wallet! Already I’m thinking that this a great place to impress someone who wants to dine locally, or to take the family at the weekend.

The menu comprises a choice of seven (get it?) pizzas, very reasonably priced especially given the quality and size (£4.60 to £6.90). All come with a sourdough base – apparently the healthier choice – made daily on site. It is crunchy and crisp on the outside, spongy in the middle and adorned with artisan-looking toppings. The buffalo mozzarella tastes like the real deal, sourced direct from Italy. Seven has a state-of-the-art wood-fired pizza oven that heats up to 500 degrees, meaning that the pizzas are cooked in under a minute!

For the healthier among us and for those who can resist the carb temptation, there is a superfood salad with either lightly smoked mackerel or peri-peri chicken, or a chicken Caesar salad. I had the former – a fresh, generous, healthy portion of spinach, beans, cucumber, seeds, quinoa and mackerel for the bargain price of £7.30! Clean and simple, no razzmatazz.

The best part was dessert – specifically the Nutella sourdough pizza doughnut which took my guilt and cholesterol to another level! Basically hot bread which oozes shiny lashings of warm, gooey Nutella.

A nicely curated wine list offers of three types of red and white, plus one of rose, ranging from about £15 to £20 for a bottle and £5 for a glass.

Seven is a little slice of seventh heaven in Harrow; and it can even be the same at home, as Seven is on the Deliveroo list!

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