15 Jan , 2017 Fusion


Louisa Walters steps out of her comfort zone

Regular followers of this blog will know that I love my food and I am pretty adventurous. The only thing I won’t eat is a Brussels sprout, and I’m pretty sure that harks back to being force fed them as a child (at least it seemed that way at the time). However I have never been a fan of Indian food, and have largely avoided the stuff, gladly waving my husband off as he happily trots along to yet another boys’ night at the local curry house. But I have been hearing great things about a new modern Indian tapas restaurant in north London called Bonoo. I figured I can handle tapas in any form, so off we went one evening, with hubby grumbling that it wasn’t a ‘proper’ Indian. How wrong he was.

An Indian restaurant is a non meat-eater’s dream and even the carnivore that I am was drawn to the veggie dishes. Somosa Chaat (samosas to you and me) are fabulous puffed pastry parcels filled with gently spiced veg and served with chickpeas, yogurts and chutneys; Bringel Crispy are lightly fried and slightly spicy aubergine rounds served with yet more chutney. Bhindi do Pyaza – okra with onions and chillies – is a great dish and Sweetcorn Masala is a sweet and warming treat. There are no fewer than nine vegetarian curries, although we went for the Lamb Tikka Pasanda with cinnamon, almond and saffron, and the Murgh Tikka Jalfrezi (chicken). The garlic and coriander naan was ordered ostensibly to mop up all the sauces, but it was so delicious on its own that we’d long polished it off buy then!

Owner Mani leads a warm and friendly team in his contemporary, sleekly designed restaurant, which has flashes of colour here and there in the cushions (placed by his wife) and the stunning wall murals painted by his artistic daughter. And the name Bonoo? Ask him the origin yourself – he loves to tell the story.


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