5 Jul , 2017 Local favourite


Marilia Dinamarco celebrates The Restaurant Club’s first birthday 

The Restaurant Club is like someone created a Disney just for me– I’m abnormally obsessed with food.  I’m a HUGE supporter of this scheme and the brilliant Facebook group. Even though my superuser level of posting on the group has annoyed quite a few of my online friends, it came in handy when I got to attend the one-year anniversary celebration at Gaucho on a fabulous summer’s evening in June. Boom! Free cocktails? Yes, please.  Free amazing meat BBQ’d by an Argentinian expert on a terrace in Hampstead in 25-degree weather? Hellz, yeah!

I gotta say, it was pretty posh.  The terrace at Gaucho is cool, and they set it up beautifully. Who knew they even had a terrace?  So, in I go, pretending to be posh too.  I am promptly offered a cocktail at the entrance, which I managed to finish by the time I got to the terrace. What? It was a HOT DAY!!!!  Then, someone from Gaucho, who looked important, greeted me and offered me some lovely Argentinian white wine.  Though I know everything there is to know about food, I am illiterate on wine. I literally order the second cheapest option and that’s it.  But – this wine… Wow. This wine was insane—it was so fruity and fresh with a hint of grape bubble gum (I said I didn’t know anything about wine-don’t be disappointed by my taste description).  So at this point, I’ve been there for about 38 seconds, and I’m already hammered.

I decided not to harass the waitress passing around tuna ceviche on cute spoons where you are only really meant to take one (though we all know everyone secretly strategises on how to get more than one – suddenly getting real charitable and picking up a spoon for husbands, children,  3rd cousins…).  I tucked into an amazing endive salad with coriander dressing and walnuts.  Then came the speech by Louisa Walters, The Restaurant Club founder and in my drunken stupor, I forgot I was being posh and decided this was my opportunity to get stuck in the food like the proper crass American that I am.  Turns out I post on here so much, it got me mentioned in the speech. Everyone turns around and there I am:  stuffing my face.  Ah, the look of pride on my husband’s face.  Kodak moment.

The meat was obviously delicious, tender, and salty. I met loads of other foodies and TRC cardholders, and arranged to go to a Persian supper club by Bita Fallah at the Freud Museum!

Moral of the story: Buy the card and post your little heart out on the Facebook group. You might just get an awesome night out gratis and meet some lovely people.  Also, don’t drink when you’re pretending to be posh.