DOWN MEXICO WAY (in Muswell Hill)

17 Jul , 2017 Local favourite

DOWN MEXICO WAY (in Muswell Hill)

Bex Davies checks out a brand new opening in Muswell Hill

I don’t generally get out a lot but I’ve been swinging my debit card around town a little lately. So, on Monday I headed to El Muro Muswell Hill – the promised land of Mexican tapas and cocktails. I’m partial to tapas – and cocktails. Well colour me happy, who isn’t?!

This is a vibrant, effervescent venue full of life and bustle. We were greeted and seated with big smiles and as we knew we could get 20% off with our TRC we plunged headlong into the menu with gusto! We ordered the chicken that was shredded, artistically dressed (the owner is an interior designer after all) and neatly ensconced on a superbly fresh baby gem. There were three on your tapas plate and they disappeared faster than you could say ‘Paul Daniels’ – definitely my favourite. The girls wrestled each other for the super crunchy breaded calamari bites with jalapeños – who knew tapas tasting could be so perilous among friends. Then we had fresh tuna, marinated on a small corn pancake (two per plate) with guacamole, this got a resounding whoop from all members of the party. It was delicious. The fresh vine tomato salad with red onion and feta, dressed with a smattering of oil and drizzle of vinegar was pretty darned good too – but the Mexican black beans with melted cheese properly hit that carb craving right between the eyes. Scrummy. The patatas fritas were drizzled in a spicy red mayo and came with spring onions – oh boy, were they good. There was no room for churros this time but a crisp dry rosé seemed to cleanse all palates rather well. There’s a host of mains to chose from and next time we’ll be trying some of those; the shredded beef and pork in various guises on other tables almost had us party hopping but we’ll save those goodies for another time too – so obviously we’ll be going back.

There’s nowhere else like this in the area, the ambience is crisp, clear and clean, rather like the excellent summer wines and cocktails. Should you go? Hell, yes.