14 Mar , 2017 Family Eating,Fusion,Healthy Eating,Local favourite,New on the Scene


Marilia Dinamarco Gross pays a visit to The Flying Sushi in Barnet

After quite a few disappointing visits to our usual sushi place in Camden, someone suggested The Flying Sushi in East Barnet, so we decided to give it a go. As we drove by a sign fit for a greasy spoon, complete with a Railway Tavern across the street, I wasn’t convinced I wanted raw fish from there. At this point, I was already ‘hangry’ and my food snobbiness was in full swing. It’s like I never heard about not judging a book by its cover. We went in and found it surprisingly pleasant, tastefully modern and extremely inviting. It was no-frills, casual, SUPER clean and had real chopsticks. I calmed down.

The menu had a few twists on the traditional fare and reminded me of Kiyoto in Borehamwood. Of course, they had the old-time favourites like gyoza, the usual rolls, teriyaki everything etc, but the seared beef tataki with coriander dressing, hamachi tiradito and salmon roll love (salmon avocado roll for foodies) jumped out at me.

Go ahead and skip the miso soup, we found it a tad watery. Definitely order the salmon tartare, it was our favourite – with spot on seasoning, and the sesame oil popping up for just a flirt (as opposed to taste bud assault). The tuna tataki with miso dressing was fabulously sweet and fresh, and maybe the only item where we felt an extra slice would have made it better value, but that didn’t keep us from enjoying it. My husband is generally a good sharer. When it came to the crispy beef, I think I agreed to child morning duty for the next 32 weekends in exchange for a few forkfuls. I couldn’t get enough of that sweet crunch, which wasn’t at all greasy. The speciality rolls had generous portions of fish and the rice wasn’t overly smushed. The chilli tuna roll was awesomely spicy – winning extra brownie points for me, but make sure to order it mild if you’re not looking to sweat.

The Flying Sushi is definitely going to be our new go-to place! With a 15% discount with The Restaurant Club card (see here for details), you will probably find me there most days of the week. Go there (but not all the time because I want to still be able to get a table!).